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Welcome to the eclipse enthusiasts OPEN FORUM!

It was created for discussion of anything related to eclipses, but especially the biggies: the Greatest Point of the last total solar eclipse of the millennium August 11, 1999 and the meteor shower The Perseids July 23 until August 22. with the time of Maximum on August 12/13. Use it to find as much as possible news about these events, let your fellow crazies know about pictures or info you've had in this respect, or what your plans are to get to see all alive. It is also made to discuss about the end of the millennium, about the place and people where the Orient meets the Occident ( The Gates of Orients) and anything related to from Dracula to gypsies or Romanian football players.

Do NOT send large files. Try to send plain text. If you wish to attach a file anyway, please make it in ASCII. The language can be English, or in whatever language you like to write. All subscribers automatically give the permission to archive the messages being sent. If you decline, please write your copyright on the bottom of each message. It is never the intention to announce the addresses of the members. If you are looking for somebody,write a message to the list owner and the contact person will be informed.

Submissions to the list, which will be distributed to all of the list subscribers, should be addressed to: and then, they will be posted here.

To unsubscribe, send the request to: "unsubscribe open forum". You shall keep staying on news letter list. If you have problems, please contact the list maintainer Ioan Petru ROTARU to

Status after 3 months: 54 subscribers from 9 different countries

This mailing list is unmoderated, and hopefully will be a nice quiet little list that will go unnoticed by the spammers. That way no commercial advertisements are allowed except info from the members.



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