Best for Shopping



Observing our clients we can recommend you some of the souvenirs they buy frequently:

Painted eggs and eggs' supports: best places: North Moldavia, Sibiu, Bucharest, Sibiel

Wood bowls and spoons: best places: Babeni, Tirgoviste, Sibiu [See sample..]
Leather waistcoats hand made, rich decoration ( "cojoc", "pieptar") and other pieces of dresses until Christmas ornament, hats and mitten. Best places: Avrig (Sibiu), Salva, Rasinari...
  Plain cotton macrame
Wood walking sticks, masks etc. Best places: North Moldavia, Tirgoviste, Roman
Ceramics. All kind of useful or decorating things. Best Places: Horezu, Radauti, Corund, etc.
  tranditinal weavings clothes or carpets. Best places: Avrig (Sibiu), Horezu, Sibiel etc.
- Useful and common things on crystal as glasses, statuettes, cups, bowls, plates etc. hand made or industrial made. Best places: Medias and Sibiu - many handicrafts and big works, Cluj, Tirgul Mures, Brasov but also Buchares

To avoid kitsch we recommend to buy directly from the artisan or in Sibiu - ASTRA shop, Brasov - main street shop, Bucharest - The Peasant Museum shop or Plastics Artists shops on the passageway off Lipscani.

New info coming soon