By example

You shall land in Bucharest and you shall also leave from here. During that period we shall have our staff on Otopeni airport and several of our people well be in Bucharest. To go from airport to the city never take a taxi if not reserved . You can take a bus ( every 30 min.) that is 0.50 USD and from Victoria square the metro one station to the railways – half of bus price.

The coach station is near the railways station, in front of hotel Nord.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Last month the hard currency as USD raised from 13,000 lei (Romanian currency) to 15,000 and the gasoline price from 5,100 lei per litter to 8,400 lei per litter; thus there might be price fluctuations but just a very small amount – 5% maybe 5-10 USD as you pay in hard currency.

Detailed infos with maps will be posted to you as soon as you’ll ask for them.

Ask for info.

BUS LINER IONESCU - a/c coach, bar, T.V.

Bucuresti - Rm. Valcea round 3 USD

Bucuresti - Pitesti round 2 USD

Reserve your place!

You can also take our car and the services : meeting at the airport, assistance and transfer at a price of 10 USD.

RENT A CAR BY HERTZ rates valid on update time:


                        1-2 days 3-4 days 5-6 days +7 days +/km
economy            27             23             19              16     0.28
compact             36             31             25              20    0.38
Intermediate    45             38             31              25     0.48
Minivagon         60             49             39              31     0.60
economy            82              71             58             48 4 places
compact            112             95             76             61 5 places
Intermediate   128            115            92             74 5 places
Minivagon        188            169           135          108 7 places

Exclusive VAT 22%.
Additionaly CDW per day 9-18 USD, TIP/day 7-15 USD Reservation fee 25 USD


                                                      1-4 hours    8 hours    + 8 hours    +/km
Daewoo, Ford Mondeo1.6             18.50       112.00         14.00       0.30
Mercedes C180, Ford Mondeo    29.00       173.00          21.60       0.48
Mercedes Vito 6 seats                   27.00       165.00         20.60       0.48
Ford Transit 11 seats                    29.00        171.00         21.40       0.38

Included: 150 km ( 1-4 hours ) or 250 km ( 8 hours ),fluel, driver's "pro day" in Bucharest. Not included: VAT 22%, driver's "pro day" 45 USD/ per day, airport taxes, parking, etc. green card. Reservation 25 USD.

Or, by example

From Bucharest, you can come to Sibiu by train (Actual price on class I is 12 USD, II class 7 USD). The same price from Herculane to Bucharest for return. The coach ticket is 7 USD but it might be more comfortable for the train is "oriental", thus very slow: it is "Never Hurry"!

From Herculane you can take the train to Bucharest and you shall have the same opportunities: getting alone to the airport or we can wait for you in the station.

You can come with us and in this case all services will be 125 USD if there is no group to join. Joining a group will lower the expenses to 25 USD. We shall keep you informed.

Please see about our town Sibiu. You have to take an afternoon plane that is if you can not visit Bucharest. To be fresh we suggest you:

- Avoid to overnight in Bucharest as the services are overpriced 200-300 USD a ***/**** hotel (the best prices for a respectable hotel are offered by Hotel Parc ** ( 98 USD a SGL on BB- accommodation breakfast, you also can find it on Internet ) or at the Tourists Hotel 65 USD an average students hostel )

In Sibiu you will be awaited at the railway station and we can offer you Hotel Continental*** at 89 USD BB or bungalow 40 USD a room – no single room (still to be confirmed). The transfer from railway station by trolleys 0.20 USD or by us: meeting, assistance, transfer 3 USD.

If you don’t have enough time to make a roundtour in Bucharest we advise you to reserve an afternoon flight from Bucharest. This will give you the opportunity to have 1/2 days tour of Bucharest: The Parliament House – the third largest building in the world, etc., etc. You can join a group an approximate price of 25 USD. The price does not include entrance fee. This price will be decided next week.


To go to Hungary or Romania you have also an other alternative, cheep enough and good too:
the bus liner
. By example TOURING leave from:
GB: London, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Doncaster

France: Paris, Metz, Reims, Strasbourg, Lyon, Perpignan
Holland: Hague, Eindhoven, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam
Belgium: Bruxelles, Liege, Gent
Germany: about 30 towns
Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia, Italy.
In Romania they stop: Arad, Timisoara, Deva, Cluj, Sebes, Sibiu, Sighisoara,
Brasov, Ploiesti, Bucuresti, Constanta.
They use *** (A/A, WC, video etc. )