Incentive With Donkeys

Dear mountaineers and adventurers,

The world is in crisis... The Earth is so wide and beautiful, but we know we live only once and... So, it is enough to load our knapsack and than to go to breath mountains pure air. To take a trip. To look for simplicity and profound values! This is not a medicine, but the antidote for boredom There is a great deal of energy finding yourself in a cool morning trying the shoelaces of your boots. It is already a pleasure.

To go with your hair undone in the wind on a scented and wild pith, in a region where the relief has no limits, to halt near a cool spring, to discover a hamlet at the end of the wild road and have contacts with its inhabitants, to leave again, to eat before a campfire with your travel friends, to fall asleep gladly at a sleep fold, at a chalet or in a tent... a frenzy of sensations, of unique and unforgettable emotions... So simple. This looks like happiness. So, choose your place for this year's adventure, prepare your knapsack because we shall go...

7-14 days trips, using saddled donkeys in Rodnei and Maramuresului Mountains. Going in a trip with a donkey as "carrier" is a guarantee for the success of your holiday, especially if your children are there; these way they will have the chance to go by foot.

The donkey knows to be tame, to beg for sweets, but also to carry the children on its back when they are tired. It gives rhythm and enthusiasm to the trip and you'll see soon that its presence make easier the contact with local people.

All our donkeys are trained to carry luggage, to react when their name are called and love people's presence.

Going on a trip with a donkey, which is carrying a saddle ( structure of wood and strips) fastened back to which special bags are tied, in which you can put your tent, sleeping bag, food and personal things. Even a child can mount a donkey completely safety if his total weight don't exceed 40 kg.


Nothing is simpler as this. It is not as suborn it is generally thought. It is docile, intelligent and becomes fond of people very fast. A saddled donkey can go through a distance of 10-25 km a day.
During the day time, when halting, he finds its food on the margins of the road. In the evening it will find grass or hay where you will set up your night camp.
For each donkey we ensure a saddle, bags for your luggage, a case for the attendance of the donkey, a tarpaulin for protecting the luggage against rain, maps of the area and a book: "Advice for Leading the Donkey in Your Trip".
Camping materials, basic food for a few days, personal things etc.
It is situated in Viseul de Jos- a village at the foot of Rodnei Mountains(2303 m) and of Maramures Mountains(1903 m), from where tourists will go on their routes.
7 days route: village Viseul de Jos- Vaserului Valley- Gorge Prislop- the main ridge of Rodnei Mountains- Reservation Pietrosul Dornei ( established in 1975 and entered the international network of reservations of biosphere protected by UNESCO and is a future national park) - Gorge Setref- village Viseul de Jos.

14 days route: this is the 7 days route to which another route of 7 days from Gorge Prislop to Obcinele Bucovinei is added: Gorge Prislop- village Moldova Sulita- village Arghel- village Putna- village Sucevita- village Vatra Moldovei- village Breaza- Gorge Prislop. This is an area famous for its picturesque landscape and its monasteries of centuries XV-XVI from Putna, Sucevita, and Moldovita.

The stages don't exceed 15-25 kilometers and are easy to go through. On the routes you can camp or stay over night at forest chalets, sheep folds or at the inhabitants.

You can also choose your own route.

  • trips on other routes can be organized: Rodnei Mountains, Suhard Mountains, Caliman Mountains, Bargaului Mountains, and Obcinele Bucovinei.
  • organized groups(classes of pupils, tourism societies,pensioners etc.) can be guided.
  • reservations at the inhabitants of Viseul de Jos can be ensured at arrival, at departure, and on route. Also for the route.
Average fees:
  • hire of a donkeys for 7 days 300 USD
  • the escort of the groups 20 USD/day
  • the accommodation and the meal at the indigens. 35 USD/day
  • Best size of a group: 2-4 persons for a donkey.
Don't hesitate to contact us for details about:

- the organizing of the route.

OUR SPECIALITS: These programs are carefully observed and organised by Mr. Marin Moldovan. He is in constant connection with the French FNAR ( Federation Nationale des Anes et Randonne ) to keep informed with the last news.