The Last Total Solar Eclipse of The Millennium
August 11 1999

The Meteor Shower The Perseids
July 23-August 22:
maximum on August 12/13

Romania - Ocnele Mari
Lacul Doamnei (The Lady's Lake) on Piscul Doamnei (Lady's Peak)

      45 degrees 4.5 minutes North
      24 degrees 18 minutes East

The meteor shower The Perseids:

meteor showerThese are "shooting Stars" which occur over several weeks in summer with the peak activity on August 12, one day after the eclipse in 1999. At the Greatest Point (Romania) the best views are by midnight August 12/13 The origin is from comet Swift-Tuttle which returns every 143 years or so, was back a few years ago (1992-93) and gave fantastic meteor rain (but no storm) in summer 1993. The yearly Perseid meteor shower is one of the best of the year, each year, with up to one hundred meteors per hour under ideal observing conditions.

Activity from this meteor shower is visible from about July 23 until August 22. At the time of Maximum on August 12/13 (J2000 solar longitude=139.7 deg), the radiant is located at RA=47 deg, DECL=+57 deg. The hourly rate typically reaches 80, although some years have been as low as 4 and as high as 200. The meteors tend to be very fast, with an average magnitude of 2.3, and about 45% leave persistent trains. The radiant advances by a rate of 1.40 deg/day in RA and 0.25 deg/day in DECL. This is the most famous of all meteor showers. It never fails to provide an impressive display and, due to its summertime appearance, it tends to provide the majority of meteors seen by non-astronomy enthusiasts.

The Perseids have been referred to as the "tears of St. Lawrence", since meteors seemed to be in abundance during the festival of that saint on August 10th, but credit for the discovery of the shower's annual appearance is given to Quetelet (Brussels), who, in 1835, reported that there was a shower occurring in August that emanated from the constellation Perseus. A very good meteor and comet website with detailed information is from Gary Kronk (Tks to Oliver Staiger info)

Is the Greatest Point of the last total solar eclipse of the Millennium chosen to be as a sign?

NOSTRADAMUS: one of the prophecies of Nostradamus mention Romania as a blessed land when the End of the World will come. God will let us know when this time will come by sending us a major heavenly sign. Might this be the 1999 total solar eclipse?

SUNDAR SINGH: The Hindu predicted that after global catastrophes Romania will become the mythical 'New Canaan'; a heavenly sign will be send by God before. He mentioned Romania as the Garden of the Virgin

BURIDAVA: The greatest point of the eclipse is located a few of meters away from the antique Dacian town Buridava , the native place of Burebista - greatest king of the Daches who challenged Caesar 2,000 years ago. They were both assassinated. Some people say that Romanians have no history but a significant proto history starting 3,000 years before the known antique civilization denies this statement. Will the circle be closed?

THE CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS: Samuel P. Huntington wrote on his 'The Clash of Civilization and the Remaking of World Order' that one of the worlds crisis will involve the Occident ( Western Christianism ) and the Ortodoxism. Ocnele Mari is one of the most important and old ecclesiastic town in Charpathians located close to the area usually called Europe or Western Europe. The Romanian people was a Christian one from the very beginning just like the Latins, Egyptians, Armenian etc. were. They were not baptized at a certain moment by a certain church like Saxons, Russian, Hungarian, etc. They have lived like a forgotten island. The peak seems to be in the eye of the storm.

COSOTA: The peak has a slope on one side, called Cosota meaning ' the place for graves' or 'the place for the last stop'. An other sign?

THE SALT: There is nothing so important in meals as salt . And the Greatest point is a huge salt mine, made by an former sea. Its origin goes back to the beginning of the mankind...

30 km to Brancusi's (birth place),
90 km to the Jules Verne's Castle in the Charpathians,
60 km to Poienari, Dracula's secret place,
140 km to Tartaria where argilacceous plates were discovered showing writings 3,000 years older than originally reported,
300 km to Maramures - an old community still surviving ,
350 km to the painted monasteries of Moldavia,
130 km to the third building in the world, The House of Parliament (former Ceusescu's Palace).
These are only a few among hundred oh historical sights offered to the discovering travelers. In addition, lets not forget the natural wonders, thepeople to people experiences, arts and craft, walking, biking, tracking and rich touristic sights all of which makes Romania a must in any real "voyageur"'s travel calendar.

We hope that visiting our site will induce you to come to Romania. We can assure you that the Romanian will make your visit a worthwile experience that will remain for ever in your travel memory.

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