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Total solar eclipse of 1999 August 11 Last Eclipse of the Millennium and the meteor shower The Perseids July 23 until August 22 with the time of maximum on August 12/13

The last total solar eclipse of the 20th century begins in the North Atlantic about 300 kilometers south of Nova Scotia where the Moon's umbral shadow first touches the Sun.

Not since 1961 has the Moon cast its dark shadow upon central Europe. The instant of greatest eclipse occurs at 11:03:04 UT when the shadow's epicenter is located among the rolling hills of south-central Romania very near Ramnicu-Valcea.

THE GREATEST POINT of the last total solar eclipse of the millennium - August 11 1999 ROMANIA - OCNELE MARI LACUL DOAMNEI (The Lady's lake) on PISCUL DOAMNEI (The lady's peak)

location 45 degrees 4.5 minutes North 24 degrees 18.0 minutes East

The umbra arrives in India, the last nation in its path, at 12:28 UT. Over the course of 3 hours and 7 minutes, the Moon's umbra travels along a path approximately 14000 kilometers long and covering 0.2% of Earth's surface area.

The meteor shower: The Perseids: this is the most famous of all meteor showers. These are "shooting Stars" which occur over several weeks in summer with the peak activity on August 12/13, one day after the eclipse in 1999. It never fails to provide an impressive display and, due to its summertime appearance, it tends to provide the majority of meteors seen by non-astronomy enthusiasts. The yearly Perseid meteor shower is one of the best of the year, each year, with up to one hundred meteors per hour under ideal observing conditions.

Weather probability: eclipse's visibility. The pronounced effect on cloud cover and the amount of sunshine leaves little doubt that the best European eclipse conditions will be found in Romania. T The probability of seeing the eclipse reaches 63% at the Black Sea ports of Varna and Constanta, popular summer destinations with beaches and fine Roman ruins to attract visitors and eclipse-seekers.

Safe observation: eyes protection. The Sun can be viewed safely with the naked eye only during the few brief seconds or minutes of a total solar eclipse.
For the time being we have no information as Romanian ventures are preparing special personal equipments in this field. We know only that some are preparing for. More info as soon as available

Safe photo and recording. Total solar eclipses, so beautiful to the eye and long captured on photographic film, are now being recorded on video.

Adapted from NASA RP 1398 Total Solar Eclipse of 1999 August 11

Special information about the greatest point, the place and surroundings.

Myths and Legends
Geographical Details
Historical Data
Eclipses of all types have both delighted and frightened humankind, and have played roles in history and literature.. Eclipse Myths and Symbolism -- Whether interpreted as an omen of disaster or a sign of good Providence, eclipses have inspired humankind's imagination for thousands of years. People always feared the Millennium; but how long does it last? The Dacians (Romanian ancestors) thought it lasted for about 500 years), other peoples counted otherwise (the Gregorian calendar for example). Any way, the last total solar eclipse of the second millennium seems to be taken as a sign. The end of the millennium comes with the desire to over cross over human limits: predicted by the Holly fathers, Nostradamus, the Hindu Sundar Sing and many other people being philosophers, politicians, economists, science's researchers. Just think about cloning or the silicon parallel civilization created by mankind through computers. All the predicted signs came true until now: wars, disasters, lethal diseases etc. Except for the number of population undergoing an explosion.The Romanian people seems to have few sense of 'history' but it has a rich protohistory of more than 5,000 years. More, their ancestors' civilization was an oral one, based on the spoken word and not on the written one. It is not surprising that Romanians have a fabulous folklore, with strong and old tradition. Moving in direction of Ocnele Mari, entering in the Riul Sarat valley, one suddenly have the impression that you are matter what direction you look. It's a labyrinth of hills and valleys, no matter were one look to. Still, one can realize very quickly that one seem to be in a bucket: the highest pick of the area - Virful Doamnei - is surrounded by other high peaks ( to North, through Olanesti ) and by big hills ( on the lateral sides) The old road linking Cozia - Rimnicul Vilcea - Horezu passed on the summits, a hundred meters away from the peak, near Lacul Doamnei (which is closed to traffic nowadays) Calcareous canions capture our attention: The Black precipice, Cosota, etc.. Looking around one can see at the Northern side of the peak, laying on a summit, going down to the Dachien Fountain the place where the ancient city Buridava was located. . Mines of ancient sea salt are everywhere. The old vertical mines have turned into lakes, just like Lady's lake did. . Far away one can see the mountains peaks covered by big forests and juicy grazing fields. Human endeavor shows everywhere, houses, temple towers, roads proofs of an old and intense life. We know from the Latins that during the ruling of Caesar, king Burebista lived here. He originated from the Burs' tribe, whose political center was at Buridava. Buridava is no more than 100 m away from the Greatest Point. It was the place where Burebista realized the tribal unification, enlarged the state borders and created an army which could claim the supremacy in Europe. The destiny wanted the two masters of the antique world to be murdered by knives. Even today, past vibration can be felt. Maybe it's just waiting for its entrance into history and for its time to come; this may happen now or maybe after another 5000 years I take a look to our century's invaders: Slavic, Balcanised dignitaries their first or second generation in Romania, communists, liberals ....... and now the great finance, the free market, Turkish, Arabian people ..... This is not the point where the invaders's age is ending. It seems that it won't stop and it will influence the future too .... Might this eclipse be the sign which marks the "passage" ...? In this chapter you will find information about some of the most interesting places and their histories that must be included in your program. 30 km to Brancusi's birth place (the father of modern sculpture ) 90 km to the Jules Verne's Castle in the Charpathians, 60 km to Poienari, Dracula's secret place, 140 km to Tartaria where argilacceous plates were discovered showing writings 3,000 years older than originally reported, 300 km to Maramures - an old community still surviving , 350 km to the painted monasteries of Moldavia, 130 km to the third building in the world, The House of Parliament (former Ceusescu's Palace). These are only a few among hundred oh historical sights offered to the discovering travelers.

In addition, lets not forget the natural wonders, the people to people experiences, arts and craft, walking, biking, tracking and rich touristic sights all of which makes Romania a must in any real "voyageur"'s travel calendar.

We hope that visiting our site will induce you to come to Romania. We can assure you that the Romanian will make your visit a worthwile experience that will remain for ever in your travel memory.

Editor: Ilie ROTARIU

Dear Surfer,

The eclipse will happen in the sky. But it get value on the earth because of people. For those of you who will 'surf' our site or for those who wish to come here I will underline some places or deeds which deserve your interest. The information I am going to offer you are very rarely contained in the classical presentation of the Romanian touristic offers that you can find on Internet. This way you will be able to better appreciate the natural environment, the places, the people living here and, most important of all, you will decide to come into a world not much different by yours but still a new one for you This is the place were links that will take to various sites will be included.

These other sites will describe in a classic way the touristic offer, the culture, the history, the natural environment of this region, but also yesterday's and today's life, some thoughts for the future wrote down by local or foreigners.
In 'The greatest point' site: Outdoor - rafting, walking, tracking, biking;
In 'Terra Mirabilis' site: Kind unveiling into tourism for surfers, Classical Tours, Crafts and Artisans Tour, Through the Ashes of Empires - Eastern Europe's Tour, Walking with donkeys - Discovering Oas' Old Civilization. New tours coming soon.

The area of the Greatest Point offer a lot of opportunity to have a fine visit:
-by surfing our site or
-our Terra Mirabilis site or
-by just planning to get there;

Planning may be sometimes more exciting that doing. Doing will bring you remembers that you will enjoy to share. We have prepared a few things to allow you to think about being at the Greatest Point of the last total solar eclipse of the Millennium.

MORE INFORMATION about a subject, if available, as books, brochures, catalogs, CD, videotape, other sites will be indicated as : 'MORE ABOUT' or 'CONTACT US'

Your sincerely, Ilie ROTARIU Phone: ++4094611402 Fax: ++4069224480 Mail:

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