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Dear Surfer,
The area of the Greatest Point offer a lot of opportunity to have a fine visit:

  • by surfing our site or
  • our Terra Mirabilis site or
  • by just planning to get there

The eclipse will happen in the sky. But it get value on the earth, because of people.

Planning may be sometimes more exciting that doing. Doing will bring you remembers that you will enjoy to share. We have prepared some few things to allow you to think about being at the Greatest Point of the last total solar eclipse of the Millennium.

Would you like an example? See the sensational exploring tour of Olivier R. Staiger ( during one of his eclipses' tours and a mysterious standing egg at Now, it might be your turn. No memory can exist without having lived it;

If you want to share yours with your friends get moving: be on the place, the right moment: August 11, 1999

In this site:

In Terra Mirabilis:

  • Index of Exploring Tours: all round the Total Solar Eclipse' paths in Romania, Hungary and Austria, also in connection with the best "not to miss" touristical sites and the list of the most purchased or rare souvenires and gifts. NEW!

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