Geographical Details


The Greatest Point is located near OCNELE MARI , 8 km from RIMNICUL VILCEA, to the North are the Middle Carpathians, in fact it is located on the high subcarpathian hills. Description of the area: The Carpathian Mountains descend step by step, starting from the Capatinii, Lovistea and Cozia heights. They belong to the getae (ground water longer's) crystalline, they are covered by woods and grazing fields. The Getae Subcarpathians and the Getae Highland ( towards south ) have a complex geological structure ( a variety of rocks, starting with the oldest crystalline ones and finishing with the quaternary one), all having a long and complicate evolution, due to the action of the natural agents which modelated de earth crust, the relief shown by shape and orientation of its ladder like mountain chain from West to East and hills from North to South , by the appearance of valleys and hills.

On Cozia mountain, nature created strange stone profiles, reminding of the megalithical entities: Baba, Sfinxul, Mosneagul ( The old woman, The Sphinx, The old man ). The highland is made of sedimentated layers, with different natural materials ( clay, gravels, sands, grit stones etc.) deposited here.

Thousands years ago rivers went towards the Ponthic Lake ( here one can find today the Romanian Plain ). The valleys, just like some passage ways with exterior terraces, are highly populated.

The climate is of the continental temperate zone, with cold winters and hot summers, often very dry. Hydrographical network: the main water river is the Olt , which flow through canyons. Along its shores can find a big numbers of hydroelectric power station. In the Dragasani area the lakes are highly populated with fish. Fast rivers go down the mountains, sometimes during the summer having a white water tendency. On their banks many houses have been built. This region is very popular.

The underground is very rich in minerals. Ocnele Mari is the center of salt mining activities even since Dachian's time.

The water, after filtering through many different rock formations, reach the surface as mineral springs. The mineral waters of Calimanesti, Caciulata, Olanesti, Govora, even Ocnele Mari have therapeutic values and properties equivalent if not superior to well known spas such Hall, Wiesbaden, Aix - la Chapelle, Vichy, Aix - le Bain etc. These spas were recognized from the second part of the XIX th century, and Napoleon the III rd would have the healing waters brought to him by special courier.

The fauna: the entire area is well known and appreciated by hunters and fishermen.

Moving in direction of Ocnele Mari, entering in the Riul Sarat valley, you have suddenly the impression that you are matter what direction you look. It's a labyrinth of hills and valleys, no matter were one look to. Because of the forest and of the sinuous ways one can have only an imaginary picture of the entire place. Still, one can realize very quickly that one seem to be in a bucket: the highest pick of the area - Virful Doamnei - is surrounded by other high peaks to North (through Olanesti ) and by big hills ( on the lateral sides). The old road linking Cozia - Rimnicul Vilcea - Horezu passed on the summits, a hundred meters away from the peak, near Lacul Doamnei (which is closed to traffic nowadays) Calcareous canyons capture our attention: The Black precipice, Cosota, etc.. Looking around one can see at the Northern side of the peak, laying on a summit, going down to the Dachien Fountain the place where the ancient city Buridava was located.

Man didn't have to add many improvements to the natural citadel which already existed. Mines of ancient sea salt are everywhere. The old vertical mines have turned into lakes, just like Lady's lake did. Mines are horizontal and the salt is mined by using water drills and conducts. Ocnele Mari is a locality which goes together with the water stream passing through valleys or some other valleys still having small sources of water. The mines are covered by brushwood's. Far away one can see the mountains peaks covered by big forests and juicy grazing fields. Human endeavor shows everywhere, houses, temple towers, roads proofs of a very intense life. Farm and wild animals are well represented.

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