An eclipse it's an unusual phenomena, this being the reason why a lot of connections and suppositions are being made. And these are even more important if we find ourselves at the end of a millennium, in a legendary and mysterious area such as the Carphatic Lands.

For us, the people living here, a lot of things are already well known: we due the capacity of understanding rare and old phenomena to our rich proto history: in a genetic way or using the familly's continuity this last one ' look care ' that we get used on understand life which goes on here. In the same way in which the Thracians were the ' Great Anonymous of the History ', the Romanian people is not very known by the international mass media.

For those of you who have ' sailed ' our site or for those who wish to come here I will underline some places or deeds which deserve your interest. The information I am going to offer you are very rarely contained in the classical presentation of the Romanian touristic offers that you can find on Internet.

This chapter is ment to describe the point of the maximum time visibility of the solar eclipse, located at Ocnele Mari. This way you will be able to better appreciate the natural environment, the places, the people living here and, most important of all, you will decide to come into a world not much different by yours but still a new one for you This is the place were links that will take to various sites will be included.

In this chapter you shall find information about some of the most interesting places and their histories that must be included in your program.

These other sites will describe in a classic way the touristic offer, the culture, the history, the natural environment of this region, but also yesterday's and today's life, some thoughts for the future wrote down by local or foreigners.

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