Myths and Legends


Time: the world's fourth dimension (according to Einstein's theory)! It was palpated and examined by everyone, starting with the first leaves and Adam ; even by silicon matter of beaches or mountains, often redesigned during the Earth' history.

We do not know where are we coming form, nor where are we going to. We are nothing else than a bio- structure based on carbon , born and living by Sun's grace! And now comes a total solar eclipse : in what way did the primitive man experienced such a phenomena ?

We can not pass over our shadow: our poor eyes cannot see before our birth or after death only through writings, buildings, etc. or by the 'memories' of the entire 'body' we belong to: the human being. Sometimes this common heritage is regarded as myths or legends, even religions.

People always feared the Millennium; but how long does it last? The Dacians thought it lasted for about 500 years), other peoples counted otherwise (the Gregorian calendar for example).

Any way, the last total solar eclipse of the second millennium seems to be taken as a sign. The end of the millennium comes with the desire to over cross over human limits: predicted by the Holly fathers and many other people being philosophers, politicians, economists, science's researchers. Just think about cloning or the silicon parallel civilization created by mankind through computers.

All the predicted signs came true until now: wars, disasters, lethal diseases etc. Except for the number of population undergoing an explosion.

The Romanian people seems to have few sense of 'history' but it has a rich protohistory of more than 5,000 years. More, their ancestors' civilization was an oral one, based on the spoken word and not on the written one. And they happened to live on migratory peoples' way: they fought and stayed against them, they have assimilated and survived them.

It is not surprising that Romanians have a fabulous folklore, with strong and old tradition. The people, living here round the Greatest Point, were the gifted one's. Before DNA was discovered Brincusi has built the Infinite Column as an concentrate explanation of humanity life. But we must no forget that he took it from the local environment : it is the pillar of a local house. Mircea Eliade call it axis mundi . The column supported the house and, in a symbolic way, the people's faith relayed on it .

Here it is a personal observation: this pillar ('stilp') belonging to the Romanian houses is a component of the porch ('cerdac'). 'Cerdac' is a place one enter, one stay for a while - like a life time - and finally one 'leave'. Isn't it the way things happen in human life? These pillars - sculptured like the Infinite Column - rise from the floor plates of the house and they support its roof. Man's life is only a insignificant part of the infinit's column...Is there a time in the future when our mind will understand the enigmas that surround the Greatest Point? There are so many of them! Because of their rich history and culture, Romanian seem to be ready to experience the great adventure coming with the last year of the 2nd Millennium.

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